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Why would anyone BUY & USE Jus-1; the Single Pill Dispenser?


It is a brand   NEW   &   UNIQUE   item.

Jus-1;Single Pill Dispenser

Jus-1; Single Pill Dispenser

  1. CONVENIENT – Young or Old, everyone wants it to be EASY to use and CONVENIENT to use.
  2. ACCURATE – It dispenses only one at a time – NO MORE getting TOO MANY in your hand, dropping them on the table, and or dropping them on the floor and putting them back.
  3. NO CONTAMINATION – Since you are not dropping them on the floor, they are not contaminated, and it AVOIDS INFECTIONS & ILLNESSES.
  4. SAVES TIME – Since it is accurate and easy, it SAVES TIME and reduces STRESS. Having illness/disease and under pain or discomfort, each patient is looking for a better way of taking pills and Jus-1 makes it QUICK & EASY .
  5. DIABETIC PATIENTS – Diabetic patients have limited or reduced senses on the fingertips. They have difficulty taking drugs. They would prefer using this product anytime.
  6. 29 million people in USA have diabetes.
  7. JOINT PAINS & ARTHRITIC PATIENTS – Osteoporosis and/or Arthritis affected patients have difficulty in performing small motor tasks and it is painful – Jus-1 will definitely help them.
  8. In 2015, 15 million adults reported severe joint pain due to arthritis.

Demand Exists – People Need it and Want it

In order to test my invention, I went to a Maker Faire Show.  There I demonstrated “Jus-1” to get public’s reaction and opinion.  I had made up blank review forms for each visitor to try out my Jus-1 and give me a response in writing.  By the end of the day, I had gathered 50+ all written positive reviews.  People asked me several questions about bottle size, tablet size, tablet shape, material and also suggested additional features that they would like to have such as reminder, counter etc.

I also showed Jus-1 to my friends and family and everyone liked it and were asking me when I was going to manufacture it and sell it.  And this is where you the manufacturer come in.

This proves that my invention “Jus-1” is needed, liked, appreciated and wanted by people.

On next screen see the demand in numbers and dollars.

If You Build It,
They Will Come!!!!

Are you Ready?